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Raising a family is hard work and it helps to have someone who can support you with encouragement and knowledge on how to meet the special needs of kids....

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Clients come to me because of a number of health issues that they feel helpless to change:​​​​

  • They lack energy
  • They have weight management problems
  • They sleep poorly
  • They get sick easily because their immune systems are compromised
  • They want to learn healthier eating habits

The good news is that all of these issues can be improved, if not corrected, through healthy eating  and  other  important  lifestyle  changes.  With the knowledge I can provide, you can make the positive changes that will affect the rest of your life.
Imagine what your life would be like if you actually felt good every day!

​Do you need a Coach By Your Side?​ 

That depends. Do you like the sound of having someone who will…

  • ​Care about your goals, your progress, your health, and your life?
  • Help you learn more about your health and make the types of changes that lead to real and lasting results?
  • Encourage you to push through boundaries and meet your goals?
  • Celebrate with you when you succeed?
  • Stand by you when things get tough?
  • Hold you accountable to the changes you decide to make?
  • Share a unique, trustworthy, and interesting perspective on health, exercise, and life?
  • Guide you to the products and resources you need to make the kind of change that lasts?
  • Be a constant, encouraging presence throughout your journey to a new and better you?

If you answered "Yes" to one of these, Coach By Your Side health coaching can help you create permanent changes that you have found difficult to do on your own.  

As a Certified Health Coach serving St. Augustine, Jacksonville and the beaches communities, I have a passion for helping people lead energized lives filled with vitality. I work with my clients (both individuals and families) one-on-one or through email, Zoom, Skype and phone to help them create a happy, healthy life built on the rock-solid foundation of good, nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness @ Work

The health of employees has a direct impact on the health of a company and because of that more and more companies are finding ways to ....

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