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Pinnertest is a finger stick lab test performed with blood.  In just seconds, you just draw a few drops of blood from your finger tip and return the sample free of charge with the envelope provided inside the Pinnertest box.  Thanks to the advanced technology of it, only a few drops of dry blood are enough to perform the Pinnertest.

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What is Food Intolerance?​

If your body has problems producing certain enzymes, you can experience a lifetime of health issues due to maldigestion.  Even healthy vegetables such as lettuce or parsley can elicit a food intolerance reaction if you are intolerant to these foods.

These reactions cause inflammation in your gut system and can lead to a lot of discomforts and health issues including weight gain due to carb cravings and slow metabolism, depression, headache, bloating, edema, fatigue, brain fog, stomach ache, acne, eczema and more.​​

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The Laboratory

Since 1999, Arrayit has built a great portfolio of patents, trade secrets, and more than 650 life sciences products. The company was featured on the TV series NOVA, “Cracking the Code of Life”,  by PBS with Mr. Mark Schena, received successive appointments to the Inc. 500 list, and has received numerous local awards including the Rising Star Award and the Silicon Valley 50 Award. (Arrayit CLIA Lab ID Number: CLF 349880)

How Does Food Intolerance Make You Sick?

Food intolerance is caused by undigested foods, which start accumulating in the gut and begin making their way into the bloodstream.

Our immune system recognizes most amino acids as friendly molecules.  By contrast, partially digested food proteins are recognized as foreign intruders, which activates the immune system to combat these “invaders.” This is how the “war” begins.  The war between the immune system and partially digested proteins can lead to serious inflammation in the gut and other parts of the body.

The response that the immune system in a food intolerance reaction is similar to the inflammation seen in a viral or bacterial infection. Food intolerance discomfort, different from the flu, can last a long time or even lifetime if you keep continuing to consume foods that are causing food intolerance.

Since the immune response to food intolerance is typically much slower (weeks, months or years) compared to classic food allergy (seconds, minutes, hours), it is almost impossible to self-diagnose the cause or causes of your food intolerance.  In a classic food allergy, the negative symptoms are often observed very quickly. If you are allergic to peanut, for example, serious symptoms may be observed almost immediately. However, if you have a peanut intolerance, negative symptoms may not be felt until the next day are even after the next two or three meals.  The delay in food intolerance between consumption and symptoms makes it nearly impossible to identify the intolerant food.  Even “innocent” looking vegetables such as lettuce or parsley can elicit a food intolerance reaction if you are intolerant to these foods.

The only way to precisely identify your intolerant foods is to order a Food Intolerance Test.

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What is a Pinnertest? 

Pinnertest is a next generation lab test that can tell you your food sensitivities. The main problem with food intolerance tests before was that it was not possible to determine the exact reactions, and the reports were resulting in many false positives.

Due to the advanced Microarray Technology developed by leading Silicon Valley’s company, Arrayit, a blood test can finally determine your exact food intolerances.

The Most Precise Method

Today there are many methods to test for food intolerances. Most of these tests are considered old, alternative medical diagnostic methods that are typically not recognized by mainstream medicine.

The predominant opinion of the scientific community is that reliable food intolerance testing requires IgG measurements made by using a microarray test such as Pinnertest.

To understand the difference between old technologies and a microarray test, a good example is the comparison of an X-ray and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. X-rays provide important imaging details, however, much greater detail is possible with an MRI scanner.

Thinking that this will affect your future diet, choosing the right test is critical for you.

How Can I Have a Pinnertest?